When was the last time
you dared something?

CultureCodeS purpose is to nurture your transformation to an ethical environment by supporting you to develop meaningful relationships in and out of the workplace.

Whether you want to accomplish a new challenge, refocus on your career or contribute to team dynamics, CultureCodeS will guide you toward your goals. Our approach encompasses the differences that make you unique : your culture – your values – your vision – yourself ; and how your transformation impacts upon others.


“Valor grows by daring, fear by holding back.”

– Publilius Syrus

We may act or think differently according to our origins, upbringing and our beliefs. Throughout life, we get to choose our friends but not our co-workers. Working in a multi-cultural context with an array of personalities may affect relationships with others. Measures of performance put colleagues under pressure, priorities may be badly construed or directives misunderstood. CultureCodeS philisophy is not to change who you are, but to support you to adapt to the context in which you find yourself and optimise your behaviour with others.

This is where we begin :
Relationships – Transition – Performance

The 3 C’s

CultureCodeS philisophy lies in its desire to raise personal and professional standards by connecting you to that which is essential in your collaboration with others :
Culture – Conduct – Courage.


  • Culture is about origin, identity and diversity; our personal characteristics influence our personality and ensure that each one of us is unique ;
  • In an organisational context we may adapt our personal characteristics to the environment. An organisational or corporate culture may be driven by business priorities and performance ; the competencies we require to work effectively with others may be disconnected from these priorities ;
  • How about contributing yourself to a coaching culture by developing the values required to enhance the level of confidence and trust around you ?


  • A code of conduct, when established in a business context is intended to align co-workers to common values and behaviour ;
  • Some businesses may rely on a tacit approach to a code of conduct via buddy systems or mentoring, sharing expertise and competencies;
  • Individuals may adhere to a personal code of conduct ingrained in childhood.


  • Courage is acknowledging that you can make a mistake
  • Courage is not about your professional expertise; it’s how your transformation encourages commitment from others to adhere to common goals and values
  • Courage is about taking the first step toward understanding yourself and creating the space you need to enhance the level of trust and confidence that others expect of you

But don’t take my word for it :

Christine was extremely helpful with all aspects of my college application. Christine armed me with confidence and offered valuable perspective to help differentiate myself, highlight my strengths and communicate my personal brand. I got accepted to ESADE Business School, London Business School, London School of Economics, and HEC Lausanne and I have Christine to thank for that. I would definitely recommend Christine to anyone that wants to stand out and give themselves the best chance to make a great impression on a potential recruiter/employer.

Yann, 26

Accenture, Barcelona

Indépendante depuis des années, j’envisage maintenant une réorientation professionnelle. Christine m’a beaucoup aidée en me préparant à mes entretiens d’embauche. Elle a su me redonner confiance en moi. Depuis, j’aborde ces démarches avec confiance et optimisme.

Carine, 57


It was quite a journey – our sessions helped me to understand myself more. Where that has come from has been at times fun, difficult and emotional. Your assistance through all of this has been cleverly played by you – I only realised your method afterwards and now want to be a better work operator and person and feel that I have some tools to take with me. I will definitely take a lot from our sessions.

Solicitor, North-East Derbyshire, UK

The 4th “C”

Christine Allan Meylan is the founder of CultureCodeS. Following a long career in an international context in pension fund administration, human resources and performance management Christine decided to pursue her life’s purpose :

To continue to inspire and support others, in a professional or personal context, to live their lives well according to their values.

To Christine we are all different and thus, unique. From this, she believes that there are unlimited opportunities to learn from each other and grow.

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